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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply?

General online master's admissions requirements

  • Complete application
  • Official transcripts showing completion of bachelor's degree
  • Two pastor's references
  • $100 application fee

General online One Year Bible admissions requirements

  • Complete application
  • Official transcripts showing graduation from high school or GED
  • Pastor's reference
  • Personal reference
  • $100 application fee

General Get Ahead admissions requirements

How can I find out more?

How do the classes work?

  • Lectures are available online 24/7
  • Lectures can be downloaded
  • Lectures can be streamed in standard definition or high definition, depending on your internet capabilities

Are there any limits?

  • You have up to four months to complete each course
  • You have seven years from acceptance to complete the entire degree program

How many classes can I take at once?

  • We recommend that students take one class at a time

What kind of support will I get while in the program?

  • You will have email access to your instructors for questions regarding your courses
  • You will have access to the online learning office for continued support and troubleshooting

Do I need any special software?

  • We recommend one of the following browsers: Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, or Safari
  • You will need to have Microsoft Word
  • You will need a PDF/Adobe reader
  • We recommend you keep your programs/browsers up to date

Do I have to come to campus for any reason?

  • No, the entire degree can be completed online.
  • You have the option to come to campus for graduation, or you can graduate in absentia (Master's Degree Program only)

Financial Information (Master's Degree Program and One Year Bible Certificate only)

  • Non-refundable application fee—$100
  • Tuition—$220 per credit hour
    *Application fees are non-refundable; tuition fees paid for courses not taken may be refunded within one year of enrollment. No refunds will be made following the one-year anniversary of acceptance into the program.
  • Graduation—$175 (Master's Degree Program only)

Other costs

  • You will need to purchase your own books either through our bookstore or through an online retailer like Amazon
  • If you do not complete a class by your assigned due date, you can purchase an extension for $50/extra month