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Matt Mcdaniel

Matt Mcdaniel

Assistant Pastor | Marion, NC


Deepen your knowledge without diminishing your convictions

You can receive an exceptional Bible education online from a college that holds firm to the doctrines of the inerrancy and preservation of scripture, that teaches separation and personal holiness, and that upholds the priority of soulwinning and discipleship. A Bible degree program should strengthen your Bible convictions, not dilute them.

Take College Classes on Your Schedule

Balancing relationships, work, and ministry responsibilities is a challenge, and no one knows your schedule better than you. Take ownership and take charge. Whether you decide to carve out time on weekday evenings, weekend mornings, or some combination, decide what schedule works best for you and start accomplishing your goals and deepening your faith.

Quality academics at an affordable price

128 credit program


per credit rate
When taking 5-9 credits in a term


per credit rate
When taking 1-4 credits in a term

A $100 technology fee will be applied to each term

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Designed for Online Students by Online Students

Designed for Online Students by Online Students

The Online courses of West Coast Baptist College are designed and supported by faculty and staff who have earned degrees online while balancing work, ministry, and family. We get it. We understand your challenges. We have experienced what works and what doesn’t and we have tailored a bachelor program to maximize flexibility while providing you the greatest opportunity for success.

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7 week terms

WCBC Online offers two 7-week courses per semester. So, rather than taking six courses at once over the period of fourteen weeks, our program allows you to take three courses for the first seven-week term, then three additional courses in the next term.  This allows students to receive the same high-quality material and instruction while taking fewer courses at any one time. Because our program is designed by educators who have earned online degrees, we have found this structure to be more effective at helping you meet your learning goals.

The Interaction Makes a Difference

The Interaction Makes a Difference

The WCBC online bachelor’s degree program is not just pre-recorded lectures. The program offers a full classroom experience with interaction with instructors and other students through industry standard learning management software platforms.

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Key Faculty

Dr. John Goetsch

Executive Vice President

Dr. Tobi England

Chief Academic Officer


Education from… Educators

Education from… Educators

Guest lecturers are great and they add real-world insight and experience, but there is a distinct advantage to receiving your education from instructors who are not only experts trained in their field, but who are trained experienced teachers that are passionate about imparting the truth in an effective and engaging way to students. You want to know that the person lecturing is the person that will review your work and interact with you as a student.

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