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Financial Aid

For many colleges, the term financial aid is synonymous with scholarships. WCBC's Office of Financial Aid goes far beyond this narrow focus. We're committed to a whole-of-operations approach to helping students graduate on-time and on-budget. The work that this team does has proven to be a crucial reason that 100% of WCBC's graduates have left WCBC with no federal loan debt.


Financial and Employment Counseling

One of the many services that the Office of Financial Aid provides to active WCBC students is support in finding local employment. Coaching on how to get a job, how to stand out in job interviews, and how to design an effective resume; providing a list of local employers who are currently looking to hire WCBC students; and providing students with low-priced transportation to and from work are just a few of the many ways this team serves WCBC students. To receive these resources, students should contact the Office of Financial Aid at 888.694.9222 or visit the office located in the college administration modular EC-4.

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Jeff Chessani

Director of Financial Aid
888.694.9222 3326

Interest-Free Installment Payment Plan

West Coast Baptist College's commitment to graduating students without debt influences all of our policy decisions, including collection of student payments. To begin a semester, students are required to pay only 20% of their semester costs with the remaining 80% of their bill being divided among four additional payments. Many of WCBC's students choose to follow this interest-free installment plan which allows them to earn money for their training as they are actively enrolled.

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Private Scholarships

Private scholarships are provided by private organizations that are outside WCBC's direct control or influence. Common private scholarships include those provided by an employer, foundation, or community group, and many WCBC students have received this kind of outside funding. Every private scholarship has its own application process and requirements for eligibility, and applying for these scholarships requires diligence and determination. However, a student who receives just a few of these can see significant financial benefits.

Several services have been built by third-parties to help college students identify and apply for these private scholarships. WCBC encourages its students to review these and use the benefits they provide. For easy access, links are provided below to a couple of these services.

Scholarship money will be applied directly to the student's bill unless otherwise stipulated. WCBC's OPE ID number is 04258300, and all funds should be sent to West Coast Baptist College, ATTN: Finance Office, 4010 E. Lancaster Blvd., Lancaster, CA 93535.

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Institutional Scholarships

West Coast Baptist College provides a number of institutional scholarships that address a variety of focuses and criteria.

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Various Tax Benefits

Part of the Office of Financial Aid's role is to identify potential resources and help the students know where and how to access them. A noteworthy benefit of WCBC's accreditation is WCBC's "eligible institution" status with the U.S. Department of Education. This official status designation allows WCBC students to take advantage of a variety of annual tax benefits intended to reimburse some college expenses.

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Student Assistance Fund

The Student Assistance Fund is a general student aid program funded by donors. Awards are issued by college administration under the direction of the Director of Financial Aid. To request support, students should contact the Financial Aid office to set up an appointment with a financial aid counselor.

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Student Work Study Program

The Work Study Program is available to full-time, dormitory students. Participants are paid employees of the college. The participant’s net pay is applied directly to his or her account as earned. Each job is to be viewed as service to the Lord. A work study employee’s work performance must be satisfactory to continue in this program. To apply for a position, students must submit the application available at

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Married Student’s Program

Spouses of full-time students will receive three credit hours free per semester; however, all fees will apply. If one spouse is receiving a college scholarship, then the other spouse must pay full tuition. Married, head-of-household, undergraduate, full-time students may enroll their children in Lancaster Baptist School at a discounted rate.