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Student Counseling

West Coast Baptist College is committed to helping its students succeed in their goal of graduating on time and without debt and serving after graduating in the ministry to which God has called them. To this end, the college provides academic, personal/spiritual, and career counseling to all of its students.

The college has a dedicated Student Success Advocate who is available to all students. The primary function of the Student Success Advocate is to shepherd struggling and temporarily withdrawn students to graduation. Two key functions the advocate provides are to listen to students to point them toward appropriate counsel and to provide appropriate, relevant feedback to the administration so as to improve the student body’s graduation rate. Students may contact the Student Success Advocate in the Welcome Center at any time.

Academic Advising

In keeping with the mission of the institution, academic advising is provided to students to the end that they would experience an optimum academic schedule, smooth scope and sequence, and easy access to qualified and informed staff or faculty for questions regarding their programs. The Dean of Academics leads these advising services.

Every first-time student will be notified before registration week of the name and contact info of his advisor. If a student is unsure who his advisor is at any time or for any reasons, he may contact the Academic Office.

Career Counseling

All degree programs at West Coast Baptist College are geared to prepare students for full-time ministry. Career counseling that is appropriate to these programs is provided through the office of the Dean of Administrative Affairs. This office works to connect appropriate potential employers to our upperclassmen students by hosting an annual on-campus interview event, assisting students in the development and distribution of professional resumes, and connecting current students and graduates to ministries known to be hiring for relevant positions. These services are provided to all students regardless of their location or mode of delivery.

To receive this counseling and support, students should contact the Dean of Administrative Affairs at 888.694.9222.

Personal/Spiritual Counseling

Students are encouraged to take advantage of the open-door policy of the faculty, staff, and administration and to seek counsel from them on any subject. At least one member of the administration is always on campus during business hours to ensure availability of help for students at all times.

Financial Counseling

West Coast Baptist College offers its students a variety of financial aid resources including ongoing financial and employment counseling, a student employment program, several institutional scholarships, and direct support from the Student Assistance Fund. For more information, please refer to the information on Financial Aid here.