Rick Houk | West Coast Baptist College

Rick Houk

Chair of Bible Department

In 1989, Brother and Mrs. Houk started Lancaster Baptist School. Brother Houk was the principal of the school for eleven years before he began teaching at West Coast Baptist College full time. He serves as chairman of the Bible department of the college and teaches the Family Foundations adult Bible class on Sundays.

Phone Number: 
888.694.9222 3123
BRE—Baptist Bible College
MA—Maranatha Baptist University
Upcoming Classes: 
2024 Summer Bachelor's Terms A (5/13-6/29) and B (7/1-8/17)
Course Code Course Name
BI 364 Theology 4
2024 Fall Semester On Campus
Course Code Course Name
BI 291 Methodical Bible Studies
BI 312 The Book of Daniel
BI 363 Theology 3
BI 465 Tabernacles, Feasts, and Offerings