We can't wait to meet you! | West Coast Baptist College

We can't wait to meet you!

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Virtual Campus Overview

Explore Campus from Home

Want to get a feel for campus facilities without making the trip to SoCal? This 4 minute, 22 second video will hit all the highlights. In addition, our growing collection of 360° pictures will allow you to interact with key buildings, labs, and classrooms.

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Virtual West Coast Up Close

90 Minutes to Discover WCBC

With an overview of our academic offerings, student testimonies, an interactive student panel, and a brief challenge from Dr. Schettler, these 90 minutes will be packed with relevant, helpful, introductory information about WCBC.

We don't currenlty have a virtual WCUC coming up soon. However, if you want to host your own vWCUC for your school, church, or family, we’ll be glad to provide the content, a package of resources and giveaways, and even a live panel to answer your questions. Find more info and schedule your event here.

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Group Visit on Your Schedule

Inspire Your Students to Dream Big

We’re always delighted to host high school students, youth groups, senior classes, or anyone who is considering WCBC. We’re grateful for your time, and we look forward to coordinating with you to build a recommended itinerary that maximizes your time on our campus in beautiful Southern California. From your arrival to your departure, we'll help arrange all the details. Learn more and schedule your group’s visit here.

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Individual Visit on Your Schedule

Meet the team. Ask questions. Attend classes. Make friends.

There’s nothing quite like experiencing WCBC for yourself. High school sophomores, juniors, and seniors are invited to visit us on their own schedule. We’ll provide private airport transportation and up to 3-days lodging and meals for prospective students. We encourage families to visit together when possible, but parents aren’t required to be present. Learn more and schedule your visit here.

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Joshua Camps

Discover your God. Develop your gifts.

Joshua Camps is a week-long adventure right here on WCBC’s campus for students entering 7-12th grade. Nationally recognized speakers and leaders in various fields join highly respected WCBC staff and faculty to give you a camp experience that will challenge you to discover your God and develop your gifts. Learn more about the dates, cost, and specialty tracks available here.

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Southern California Missions Trip

You don’t have to go overseas to find spiritual darkness.

West Coast Baptist College invites you to bring your youth group to LA County for a short-term, summer missions trip. Our dorms are open for your housing, and our team stands ready to help you build an itinerary that will expose your group to great spiritual need, provide hands-on outreach partnership with a local church in Los Angeles, and allow you to make life-long memories exploring the amazing county that we call home.

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