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Students choosing a Speech proficiency will acquire skills in interpretation of material, proper voice and diction, play acting, debate, and drama production. These skills will enable them to effectively communicate the message that God has commanded us to take into the world and be able to teach others to do likewise.

Course ID Credit Hours Course
SPCH 101 2

Freshman Speech

This course is designed to give the student the skills needed to properly prepare and deliver an effective speech.

SPCH 102 2

Interpretive Speech

This advanced speech course is designed to take the student beyond the fundamentals of speech as taught in SPCH 101. Special emphasis will be placed on giving the student an understanding of how to use his voice and body movements to communicate truth. Whether preaching a sermon, teaching a lesson, sharing the Gospel, or telling a story, Interpretive Speech is designed to make your message come alive. Prerequisite: SPCH 101

SPCH 202 0

Drama Club

This is a unique course designed to give students an opportunity to practice and perform monologues, reader's theater, and short dramatic plays at various college events. SPCH 101 is the minimum prerequisite for this course and a desire to obtain a Speech Minor is preferred although not required. Class members are chosen after an audition with the instructor.

SPCH 211 2

Play Acting

This course is designed to help the beginning actor acquire the necessary tools to effectively communicate through a dramatic production. Concentration will be placed on developing a proper characterization of a role through inner and outer motivation. The course will not only help the student learn to act individually, but also develop group skills as required in a dramatic play. Prerequisite: SPCH 101

SPCH 302 2

Drama Productions

This course will instruct the student in the direction of plays, programs, and dramatic readings that can be used in ministry. The basis and purpose of drama in ministry, the director, stage composition, stage movement, interpretation, casting, rehearsals, and performance will be studied. A prerequisite of SPCH 101 is required.

SPCH 310 2


This course is aimed at equipping the student with the skills needed to stand in defense of the faith. Taking a stand for Christ in these last days is difficult and it is important that we as Christians not only hold the right position, but also the right disposition.

SPCH 360 2

The Art of Storytelling

Students will study the art of storytelling, writing original stories, and presenting these stories orally. The emphasis of this course will allow students to learn to use storytelling in the classroom (or other arenas of ministry) for preparation of curriculum, principles of writing compositions, and oral class presentations. Prerequisite: EN 102 and SPCH 101

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