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Students choosing the science proficiency may use it as a major or minor teaching field within the Secondary Education concentration. Students will study micro- and macro-biology, basic anatomy and physiology, introductory chemistry with labs, and non-calculus based physics with the goal of becoming proficient in each of these areas.

Course ID Credit Hours Course
SC 101 3

Biology 1

Biology 1 is a three-credit course that initiates the WCBC secondary science series. All foundational biological concepts are taught in Christian perspective, including characteristics of life, cell structure, cell processes, and genetics. The false hypothesis of evolution is refuted Biblically, logically, and scientifically. Special Creation is upheld consistently through the same approaches.

SC 102 3

Biology 2

This course is a continuation of SC 101. This course will focus on the macroscopic study of people, plants, animals, and other organisms, including evidence for biblical creation. PREREQUISITE: SC 101.

SC 201 2

Anatomy and Physiology

This challenging course will expand the student's understanding of the human body, its parts and their functions. The focus on human organ systems will fuel the student's faith in God's awesome power and genius in designing the human body.

SC 202 3

Physical Science

Physical Science is a foundation science class, along with Biology 1, for students seeking credits toward a secondary concentration or students taking it as a general elective. All basic physical and earth sciences are addressed in course lectures. These topics include geology and plate tectonics, meteorology, oceanography, motion, atomic theory, chemistry, and astronomy. Prerequisite: None

SC 301 3

Chemistry 1

Chemistry 1 is the fifth course of the WCBC eleven-course science concentration. There is also a lab course (SC 315) offered concurrently. In this three-credit course, the key concepts are: solutions & mixtures, reactions and their mass relationships, acid-base reactions & pH, gaseous states, heat movement, quantum theory, periodicity, bonding methods, and, finally, valence & hybridization of electrons and their bonds.

SC 302 3

Chemistry 2

Chemistry 2 is the seventh course of the WCBC eleven-course science concentration. There is also a lab course (SC 316) offered concurrently. In this three-credit course, the key concepts are: quantum number meaning, atomic and ionic radius impact, electron configuration, Lewis dot structure, oxidation numbers, colligative properties, crystalline arrangement, rate factors, acid-base neutralization, nuclear chemistry, and an introduction to organic chemistry. Corequisite: SC 315

SC 315 1

Chemistry Lab 1

Chemistry Lab 1 is a co-requisite course that accompanies SC 301 – Chemistry 1. Topics of study are the MORE lab analysis method, water solution conductivity, precipitation reactions, solubility, acid/base reactions, and dry ice impact on acidity. The lab meets one day per week most weeks of the semester. Each week’s lab requires a report analyzing the observations made during the lab time.

SC 316 1

Chemistry Lab 2 (8:30-9:30 PM)

This course gives the student a hands-on understanding of chemistry topics taught concurrently in Chemistry 2, meeting one day per week. Corequisite: SC 302

SC 401 3

Physics 1

This course will give the student a basic understanding of the laws of physics and the ability to teach them to others. All instruction will be given with the understanding that God is in control of the universe, and the laws of physics are a result of His perfect design.

SC 402 3

Physics 2

This course requires SC 401 and is an advanced continuation of the same. As such, it is designed to help you expand your foundation in physics and in scientific thinking as you gain an appreciation for the God-ordained orderliness of the physical laws of Creation. Students will be challenged to relate the knowledge gained in SC 401 to other physical domains. Prerequisite: SC 401

SC 420 2

Teaching Secondary Science

This course will give the student an opportunity to prepare and teach secondary science material for the Christian School.

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