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Ministry Leadership

Course ID Credit Hours Course
AP 402 2

Biblical Ethics

This course looks at six historical approaches to ethical conflicts. Students will be required to know these approaches as they represent how people think in culture today. Students will evaluate each of these in light of scripture to determine a biblical approach to the ethical issues in life and ministry. Prerequisite: EN 102; 32 credits earned

BC 320 3

Biblical Counseling: Conflict Resolution

This biblical counseling course deals with conflict and how it can be resolved through appropriate application of biblical principles. The sufficiency of Scripture will be paramount as the student learns to resolve conflict. Prerequisite: EN 102

BU 201 3

Principles of Administration

This practical course will enable students to understand the basics of administration in the context of the local New Testament church. Topics include developing a long range strategic plan, staff relations, communications, finance and law. Prerequisite: None

BU 210 3

Personal Development of Leaders

This course explores the central concepts and practices of personal development. This holistic approach to individual growth will outline the input, throughput, and output that a leader can expect from effectiveness in this area. Prerequisite: None

BU 221 2

Church Finance and Accounting

This course is designed to teach students foundational concepts of financial management, accounting, and stewardship within a local church ministry. Prerequisite: None

BU 410 3

Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is an expect of stewarding leadership opportunities that significantly effects the outcome of any church or organization. This course explores the process of developing effective goals, creating a strategic plan, communicating that plan to an organization, and managing the ongoing deployment of that plan. Students will learn how to conduct SWOT analyses, identify and aggregate relevant data, foster multi-tier implementation, and market a strategic plan. Prerequisite: EN 102

PT 140 3

Biblical Foundations of Leadership

This course explores the theological roots of effective leadership. The student will examine major leadership theories through a biblical lens. Special emphasis will be given to leadership lessons from the life and ministry of Jesus. Prerequisite: None

PT 307 2

Professional Training

This course is designed to prepare ministerial candidates for the practical areas of the local church ministry as it discusses professionalism as a Christian, as a leader, and as a ministry staff member. Lectures and class notes will prove to be beneficial for future use in the ministry. Prerequisite: None

PT 378 2

Local Church Discipleship

The joy of every believer after salvation should be to see fruit that remains. This course will enable the student to discover the true purpose of the great commission and learn how they can reproduce their faith in another. An emphasis will be placed on doctrinal grounding and mentoring of each new believer. Prerequisite: EN 102

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