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Students choosing the English proficiency may use it with any major or it may become a teaching field in the secondary education concentration. Within either of these purposes, students will study grammar, literature, and creative writing with the goal of becoming proficient in each of the areas.

Course ID Credit Hours Course
EN 101 3

Grammar and Composition 1

This course teaches English grammar and foundational writing concepts on a college level. Because clear writing is developed through good English basics, this class aids the student in development of clear writing and grammar skills that will be further developed in EN 102.

EN 102 3

Grammar and Composition 2

This course is designed to teach the creative art of composition, along with the study and review of word usage and the action of the parts of speech in the written composition. Communicating in a clear, effective, and appropriate manner and writing a collegiate research paper are the objectives of this class. Prerequisite: EN 101

EN 201 3

Advanced Composition and Grammar

EN 201 builds on the previous grammar and composition foundation students received in EN 101 and EN 102. Students will review essentials of grammar and analyze their use in the sentence. They will also analyze basic elements of paragraph construction and clear writing skills and implement these components in writing exercises. An overview of the development of the English language will also be given. Prerequisite: EN 101, EN 102

EN 270 3

British Literature

This course will evaluate British literature for its style, content, and value in relationship to Christianity. The class will give the student an appreciation for the content and literary style of the English writers. Prerequisite: None

EN 280 3

American Literature

This course will evaluate American literature for its style, content, and value, specifically for the Christian student and teacher. The class will give the student an appreciation for the content and literary style of American authors.

EN 321 3

World Literature

EN 370 2

Creative Writing

This course provides an overview of the various forms of creative writing. Students will study and practice a wide variety of creative writing forms, including poetry, short stories, drama, and ministry writing. PREREQUISITE: EN 102 and EN 201

EN 403 2

Shakespearean Literature

Students in this course will analyze Shakespearean literature through the famous bard’s dramas and sonnets. By the end of the course, students will have a comprehensive working knowledge of Shakespeare’s dominating ideas in his works.

EN 404 2

Children's Literature

Students will learn the skill of evaluating children’s literature by studying popular children’s nursery rhymes, fairytales, poetry, short stories, and novels. PREREQUISITE: none

EN 410 3

Teaching Secondary English

Students will learn principles of teaching in a classroom arena as well as preparing lesson plans and actually teaching before their peers. Confidence in the classroom and confidence in English curriculum is emphasized in this course.

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