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Students choosing the Apologetics proficiency may use it with any major. Students will study ethics, logic, cults, and other religions as well as the science of creation with the goal of being able to defend the Christian faith and combat false teachings.

Course ID Credit Hours Course
AP 101 3


This course is designed to give the student a system of principles to defend his faith, as well as present evidences that support the authenticity of the Christian faith. Prerequisite: None

AP 201 2

Comparative Religions

Comparative Religions surveys the basic doctrines and practices of Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, Judaism, and other major religions. Special emphasis will be given to methods of effectively witnessing and winning to Christ those who are bound in these religious systems. Prerequisite: None

AP 202 2

Modern Day Cults

This course offers a study of modern day cults in light of biblical Christianity. The history and doctrines of the major cults will be studied. The purpose of this course is to provide the student with an irrefutable biblical response to all false teachings. Special emphasis will be given to methods of witnessing to members of the major cults. Prerequisite: None

AP 301 2

Science and Faith

The purpose of this course is to give the student a greater appreciation of both the Bible and science. Furthermore, this course will demonstrate that there is no need for compromise in order to make the Bible fit modern “scientific” discoveries. The student will be taught that true science will always validate God’s word. Prerequisite: EN 102

AP 313 2

Introduction to Philosophy

This course will introduce students to the basics of philosophy. Students will also be introduced to the writings of Western philosophers within the context of learning how to defend the Christian faith. Prerequisite: EN 102

AP 401 3

Contemporary Theology

This course provides a look at the various positions today, from Fundamentalism to Post-modernism. Special emphasis will be given to the challenges facing Fundamentalism today. This course will also examine the expanding influence of the Charismatic movement, the modern push toward ecumenicalism, and how to navigate current trends in ministry. Prerequisite: EN 102

AP 402 2

Biblical Ethics

This course looks at six historical approaches to ethical conflicts. Students will be required to know these approaches as they represent how people think in culture today. Students will evaluate each of these in light of scripture to determine a biblical approach to the ethical issues in life and ministry. Prerequisite: EN 102; 32 credits earned

AP 403 2


This course equips students to discern between good and bad arguments. Several major systems of logic will be studied, including categorical, truth-functional, and informal. Prerequisite: EN 102

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