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David Adams


David Adams joined our faculty in 2015 and teaches in the Bible department. After being blessed by the faculty during his student years at WCBC, he is excited to be able to now invest in equipping his own generation. He enjoys teaching students in areas such as Greek, Comparative Religions, and a number of Bible classes. David married way out of his league in 2019, and he and his wife, Abbie, enjoy leading a young couples class at Lancaster Baptist Church. In his spare time he enjoys cooking with Abbie, reading, and playing sports with enthusiastic mediocrity.

Phone Number: 
888.694.9222 3163
BRE—West Coast Baptist College
MACM—Southern California Seminary
MABS—Piedmont International University
Upcoming Classes: 
2024 Summer Bachelor's Terms A (5/13-6/29) and B (7/1-8/17)
Course Code Course Name
BI 212 Romans
BI 362 Theology 2
2024 Summer Master's Terms A (5/13-6/29) and B (7/1-8/17)
Course Code Course Name
PT 511 Servant Leadership
2024 Fall Semester On Campus
Course Code Course Name
AP 201 Comparative Religions
BI 212 Romans
BI 220 Pauline Epistles
BL 301 Greek 1