Keenan Sultanik | West Coast Baptist College

Keenan Sultanik

Adjunct Instructor—Creative Arts

Keenan Sultanik is an adjunct instructor in the Creative Arts Department at West Coast Baptist College. He teaches courses in design, communications, media, and technology, and is a certified educator by Adobe, Apple, and Google. After receiving a call to ministry, he earned a bachelor’s in Pastoral Theology from West Coast and later a Master of Fine Arts in Graphic Design and now works passionately to train the next generation in effective visual arts with a distinctive ministry emphasis.

MFA—Liberty University
BRE—West Coast Baptist College
AC—Suncoast Technical College
ACL—Adobe Campus Leader
AET—Adobe Education Trainer
AT—Apple Teacher
GCE—Google Certified Educator

Adobe Education Leader (AEL)
Keenan Sultanik has been awarded the distinguished title of Adobe Education Leader (AEL) for his work in creative and visual arts education at West Coast Baptist College. With only 171 recipients worldwide, this lifelong title provides exclusive status within the creative education field, promotion of WCBC as an AEL institution, access to valuable resources and training opportunities, and support for WCBC's educational program which will be utilized to bring the best of visual arts education and opportunities to WCBC students to further equip them for creative and visual endeavors in ministry.

Adobe Partners by Design Member
Keenan Sultanik has also been named a "Partners by Design" member by Adobe. This prestigious group consists of 83 of the world's top creative and visual arts professors in higher education and provides West Coast Baptist College's Visual Arts and Media program with access to unique events, beta programs of industry-leading Adobe creative software, and training opportunities. As one of only a few dozen member schools and programs, the WCBC Media Program is recognized for innovations in creative and visual design in higher education.