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Outsiders Tour

May 13-25, 2024

Touring sites significant to church history and Bible translation with Dr. Paul Chappell

Outsiders Tour

On this ten-day tour through Great Britain, we will visit the sites where our spiritual forebearers loved and served God, and we’ll learn the historic context in which they stood for Christ. From London to Oxford to Bedford to Olney to Cambridge to Edinburgh—and many places in between—see the locations and learn the history of our King James Bible, the martyrs for the gospel during the Reformation, and the many influences on our own faith from men such as John Bunyan, George Müller, Charles Spurgeon, and more. Final itinerary and pricing are pending.

Destinations include:

  • Bunhill Field cemetery
  • Smithfield Martyrs’ Memorial
  • Hampton Court Palace
  • Westminster Abbey
  • Metropolitan Tabernacle
  • Tyndale Monument
  • Edinburgh Castle


Tour Hosts

Dr. Paul Chappell

Dr. Paul Chappell

Founder and President

Scott Wendal

Pastor of Valley Forge Baptist Temple | Collegeville, PA

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